Interview - Intelligent and Luxury Park Homes

Whilst Park Realty Group could be considered as the (relatively) new kids on the block, their unique offerings such as luxury park homes and company ethos certainly stand out from the crowd. Park Life Magazine spoke with us to learn a little more about the company, background and our vision for 2024 and beyond.

Luxury living meets impeccable craftsmanship

 Our unwavering commitment to quality and originality has led to a diverse range of offerings, including standard homes and bespoke state-of-the-art designs 

Interview - Park Life Editors Choice

Dive into the Winter 2023 issue of Parklife Magazine for an exclusive interview with Janine Dove, the visionary founder of Park Realty Group. Discover the story behind the family-run business, its commitment to efficiency, and a glimpse into the exciting developments shaping the future. Janine shares insights on construction methodology, upcoming products for 2024, and design trends that define the Park and Leisure Home industry.

1. Tell us a little bit about your background and the people behind Park Realty Group? 

Park Realty Group was founded by Janine Dove in March 2021 as a family- run business. After a decade of involvement and interest in the Park and Leisure Home sector, I wanted to bring a new service to the industry that would eliminate constant problems and delays for Park operators. The most vital part of our service is quick and effective siting and completion of homes with rapid sign-off. Our aim is to always fully site, equip, snag and hand over our homes within 7 working days. We are committed to continuous improvement in our products and services, driven by an innovative approach. Our dedicated team, based in Ferndown, Dorset, and operating a factory in Cardiff, works tirelessly to provide the best for our clients. 

At Park Realty Group, we take pride in delivering both intelligent and practical homes, combined with luxury living characterised by exceptional craftsmanship. Our unwavering commitment to quality and originality has led to a diverse range of offerings, including standard homes and bespoke state-of-the-art designs. 

Our core team at Park Realty Group includes in-house experts specialising in siting, design, manufacturing, and specialised aftersales support. This comprehensive setup allows us to be a one-stop-shop, offering solutions that span from the initial design concept to cutting-edge marketing services to park owners and private landowners across the UK. 

2. What is new and exciting for 2024?

In 2024, we are planning to further expand our product offerings. Our primary focus will be continuing to release our range of exceptional residential-specification caravans. We recognise the needs of our customers, and we will be creating new floor plans and interior designs to accommodate this. We are also working on a collection of fantastic eco-lodges to bring to the market. 

3. Can we learn a little more about your construction methodology?

 Our construction is founded on the principles of quality, durability, and innovation. We take pride in our expert craftsmanship, and the Maple Grand Park Home is a prime example of our dedication to building outstanding and durable homes, we exhibited this home and the Park and Leisure Home Show this year at Stoneleigh. Our Park and Leisure homes are hand crafted using quality timber and follow the same construction method of building a UK timber framed house. We also manufacture our own solid steel chassis in-house, ensuring structural integrity and longevity. 

All of our homes adhere to BS3632, guaranteeing compliance with industry standards. We prioritise energy efficiency and comfort, with fully insulated floors, walls, and roofs. Our timber-framed lodges feature double-glazed windows and a choice of heating systems, including gas central heating, hot and cold air-conditioning, or eco-friendly heat pump installation options. 

Our customers have the flexibility to select fully furnished or unfurnished homes, and we work closely with clients to bring their dream homes to life. This involves creating detailed floor plans, specifications, and example CGI images to help clients visualise the final result. 

Our in-house siting team, our design and manufacturing department, and our dedicated aftersales support ensure that clients receive the best customer service. 

We also offer professional marketing services through our subsidiary, Orb 3D, which provides various digital marketing solutions across all sector. 

All Park Realty clients receive free digital marketing products when they purchase a home from us. This includes a free matterport virtual tour, professional photographs and a floor plan. Orb 3D operated by George Dove also provides, high quality videography for products and social media marketing, website design and hosting and a full range of CGI. 

4. Tell us about design trends for the new season?

 Design trends in the park home and holiday home industry are continually evolving, and we are dedicated to staying at the forefront of these trends. 

Our customers can anticipate our homes that combine style and functionality, as we are known for creating both smart and practical living spaces. Our commitment to customisation ensures that homes can be designed and decorated to bespoke specifications, allowing clients to create their perfect well-deserved homes. 

The latest design trends for this season emphasise sustainability and intelligent living, with an eco-friendly approach and the integration of smart home systems that allow remote control of various home functions. 

The design direction leans towards open and light-filled spaces with floor-to-ceiling windows to maximize natural light. The use of bold and vibrant colours as accents throughout interiors adds personality into living spaces. 

As design trends continue to evolve, we are well-positioned to respond with innovative and stylish solutions that cater to the changing preferences of our customers. We like to design and inspire new trends, as demonstrated with our Cotsworld design, Crystal Super Lodge. 

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