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Luxury living meets impeccable craftsmanship at Park Realty Group. With an extensive supply chain, we create unique park homes & lodges in just 4 weeks, ensuring unrivalled quality. Our vision is to provide luxury lodges for all, redefining modern living. BS3632 compliant.

Land & Park Development

Crafting exceptional parks & destinations.
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Home & Lodge Manufacturing

Unique, durable park homes & lodges.
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IT & Digital Marketing

Engaging virtual tours & web solutions.
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Park Realty Group

Bespoke Luxury Lodges

Welcome to Park Realty Group, where luxury living meets exceptional craftsmanship. We are a family-run company, led by the visionary Janine Dove, who designs Park Homes, Leisure Lodges and Caravans. As a prominent residential lodge manufacturer, focusing on crafting bespoke lodges and park homes that showcase exceptional quality and innovative design. Our distinct advantage stems from our direct involvement in the design process, Janine works with both parks and private landowners to create the perfect home. Through our expertise in design and manufacturing, we ensure unparalleled excellence every step of the way, from the conception of the project through to delivery and after-sales. We have our own siting team and preferred transport partners.
Our head office is located in Dorset and our factory is located in Cardiff. We take immense pride in delivering swift, bespoke solutions, and manufacturing our models in just 4 weeks. All our park homes and lodges are supplied with Platinum Seal Warranty, showcasing our commitment to uncompromising quality. Built to British Standard BS3632. Our park and leisure homes are timber-framed and constructed to the same methodology as a timber-framed UK house. We manufacture our chasis from solid steel and they come with a lifetime warranty.
We maintain collaborations with top manufacturers in the marketplace, these professional partnerships allow us to deliver a truly diverse range of competitively priced leisure homes across the UK. Park Realty Group operates as a true partner in the leisure sector providing assistance with everything from infrastructure, supply of homes and products, digital marketing and full sales and marketing services

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Park Realty Group

Total Solution Provider

Park Realty Group, offers a comprehensive solution for parks and landowners, covering development to marketing. Our expertise in park development includes luxury lodges, golf simulators, and amenities, ensuring a seamless process from planning to permits.
Once your park is ready, you'll have the pleasure of working with George, son of Park Realty Group's director Janine, who oversees all our innovative marketing activities through ORB3D. George's passion and expertise in videography, virtual tours, and web development work harmoniously to attract potential buyers, effortlessly elevating your park's appeal and creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Virtual Tours

We produce captivating virtual tours, allowing potential buyers to explore and experience our luxury park homes and lodges from the comfort of their own space. As pioneers in the industry, we also offer our virtual tour services commercially, providing high-resolution videos, stunning photos, and detailed schematic floor plans. For a truly immersive and engaging experience, don't hesitate to contact ORB 3D.

Drone video and photos

ORB3D harnesses cutting-edge drone technology to capture breathtaking aerial views of your park, showcasing its natural beauty and stunning surroundings from unique angles. Our skilled videography team complements this with expertly shot footage, providing captivating visuals that highlight your park's key features and amenities. Whether it's soaring over picturesque landscapes or offering an enticing glimpse of your luxury lodges, our drone services and videography will leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.
Park Realty Group

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For more about our luxury holiday parks and leisure homes, don’t hesitate to contact Park Realty Group. Call us. Alternatively, you can fill out our online contact form and we will be in touch.
Park Realty Group

Recent Luxury Lodges

Crystal Super Lodge

Designer luxury lodge that requires no additional decking.
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Park Realty Group

Luxury Lodges

We are exclusive UK agents for the sale of EPH. Working in partnership with EPH, we bring bespoke luxury lodges to your leisure parks. At Park Realty Group, we can offer you any size luxury lodge, starting from 40×20 up to 65×22.
Our clients can choose from our large portfolio or request a bespoke build.
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